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Common Square Dancing Myths


People often have misconceptions about square dancing, so let's see if we can put the record straight.

  1. You have to be square to square dance...
    No you don't - in fact, some clubs do round dancing too (and besides, 'It's Hip to be Square').
  2. Isn't it a bit like line dancing...
    The clue is in the name - you dance with seven other people (in a square).  Surely that's more fun than dancing on your own?
  3. You dance to old country and western music...
    No - we dance to all kinds of music.
  4. Don't you need to be retired...
    No - we meet in the evening (and you can learn to square dance at any age).
  5. Isn't it hard to learn...
    Not really - you start by learning a few basic moves and soon pick up more.

If you'd like to come along to see what we do, then please go to our Contact page.

Call The Midwife

In Call the Midwife (series 4, episode 6), there's an event held in the Parish Hall, that includes some elements of square dancing (see below). - © Copyright February 2015 BBC

We also have some videos clips on our Links page, that were salvaged from an old VHS video tape (recorded in the early 1990s)... the quality isn't great (some in colour, some in black & white, and some that flick between the two), but the content is still valid.